Camilla Parker Bowles Reportedly Deems Kate Middleton the 'British Kim Kardashian'

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Duchess v. duchess! It seems like every day there's a new rumor coming out about how Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles can't stand each other. And, today, friends? Today is no different. According to the Globe, pillar of all royal truths, Camilla referred to Kate as the Kim Kardashian of the royal family! Who does that make her? Kris Jenner?


To be honest, I believe approximately .01 percent of this gossip, but let's talk about it nonetheless. It's just too insane to overlook. According to the mag, Kate and William have banned Camilla from seeing their two kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, because they're not a fan of her behavior and rumored cheating scandal that's been making its way round the rumor mill. And, evidently, when Camilla learned of this, she was all, "Fine. I don't care. Your kids are spoiled brats, anyway!"

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Kate, understandably, didn't appreciate Camilla calling her children brats and confronted the Duchess. To which Camilla apparently snapped, "Don’t blame me! You’re making the royal family a laughingstock. You arrange so many photo opportunities with George, you should be doing your own reality TV show. You could become like those awful Kardashians and do a show called Keeping Up with the Waleses." Oh. Okay. 

Like I said, I seriously doubt any of this is true, but it's funny either way. I love that the Globe actually printed this "quote" from Camilla. Who comes up with this shit?!

Being that there are so many rumors about Camilla and Kate not getting along, I don't doubt that there's a shred of truth to the gossip. However, Camilla comparing Kate to Kim Kardashian? Um, no. 

Do you believe this?

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