Picture of Paula Deen's Son in Brownface Creates Controversy (PHOTO)

Paula Deen brownfaceIt looks like Paula Deen has cooked her own goose once again! The butter-loving celebrity chef who nearly lost her career over claims of racist behavior is back in the news for a questionable photo that surfaced in which Deen's son Bobby is shown in brownface. Say what??


Naturally there's been quite an outcry on social media, as even her fans believe this move has squandered any good will they might have had left for the Georgia cook. 

In a statement released to the media, a representative for Deen tried to explain:

Paula Deen's social media manager posted a picture this morning of Paula and Bobby Deen dressed in costume as Lucy and Ricky, from I Love Lucy. This photograph is from a 2011 Halloween episode of Paula's Best Dishes.

As soon as Deen found out about the photo she had it taken down and, as you'd expect, that social media manager was terminated. 

But seriously, you have to wonder what was going on behind the scenes for that person to tweet that out?! Either they've got amnesia or an ax to grind with the lady behind The Lady and Sons.

Even if it was part of a Halloween show, given Deen's history, this definitely seems in poor taste. And while according to her rep this photo was taken before her scandal broke, it's no wonder it's landed her in hot water again!

Do you think this photo shows a pattern of racist behavior or do you view it as a harmless Halloween costume? 

Image © Michele Eve/Splash News/Corbis

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