Caitlyn Jenner Looks Cool & Casual in Jeans While Doing the Unthinkable

caitlyn jennerCaitlyn Jenner was caught driving around in a Porsche wearing super casual jeans and a black long-sleeve top. No big deal, right? Well it is quite a departure from the leopard wrap dress and sequinned mini we've been seeing her in the past week. But perhaps most shocking is the fact that Cait was caught doing what no one would expect her to do.


She was smoking. Caitlyn smokes cigarettes. What?!

Why, Cait, why?!

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I'm not one to talk about bad habits. I just ate a way-too-big piece of chocolate cake for lunch and am very much regretting it. But smoking?! Really bad for your health. And the act in itself causes wrinkles. Hopefully this is just a super-part-time habit that won't continue for long. I hate to get all mama bear on 65-year-old Caitlyn, but smoking is really, really bad news.

I prefer her Patricia Fields shopping habit. Or her addiction to those black slingback heels.

Smoking Caitlyn pictures surfaced on Us Weekly showing our often glamorous gal driving around Malibu in a sweet-looking Porsche GT3. It was a gift from her ex Kris. Wearing super chic aviator sunnies, light blue jeans, and a black long-sleeve top, Cait pulled her sports car over and lit up a cigarette. She seemed well aware of the paparazzi following her -- maybe she was trying to send a message like, No big deal, I'll just wait as you photograph me doing mundane things like stand outside my car. Smoking.

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Still, the smoking is jarring to me. Though, she had to have been under a great deal of stress after dealing with the initial introduction of Caitlyn to the world, and maybe this is one of those lingering habits that was brought on by stress. Let's hope it's one of those habits that die out fast.

Can you believe Caitlyn smokes?


Image via TJDH Imagez/Splash News

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