Prince George Has the Cutest Nickname for Queen Elizabeth

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Just when you think Prince George can't get any cuter, he goes and comes up with an adorable nickname for his great-grandma, Queen Elizabeth. Well, to be more specific, Prince William and Kate Middleton more likely came up with the nickname for their toddler son in order to make things easier. "Great-grandmum": That's a mouthful for a not-even-2-year-old.


According to Hello! magazine, Prince George refers to the Queen as "Nanny." When I first heard the name, I immediately thought nanny, as in caretaker/babysitter, but it's nanny, as in a twist on "nana." At least that's how I'm looking at it. Would be pretty weird if it were the former!

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Over the weekend, at Princess Charlotte's christening, Prince William was evidently heard saying to his son, "You coming, they're all coming, we can go back to Nanny's," referring to the Queen's house (AKA, the palace). Also, FYI, Prince William and Prince Harry call Queen Elizabeth "Granny." Kind of crazy to think that there are people out there who call the Queen Elizabeth "Granny" and "Nanny." I wonder what Kate calls her?

It was so sweet, seeing photos of Charlotte's christening over the weekend and being able to get a small glimpse of the royal family all together. Even though it was a fancy event, they really did seem like a normal family -- and that's especially thanks to Prince George's cheeky behavior.

Wonder what Nanny thought of her great-grandson's antics. My guess? She thought they were adorable, too!

How cute is that nickname?


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