Joe Manganiello's Mom Loves 'Big Dick Richie' ... Awww

No doubt that many ladies have been enjoying the eye candy that is Magic Mike XXL since the flick hit the theaters a couple of weeks ago, but what do the actors' moms think about their sons playing strippers in a major motion picture?


At least one mama is proud of her son's character in the film, and doesn't want to miss an opportunity to brag about him. Joe Manganiello recently revealed in a presser for Magic Mike XXL that his mom even had a T-shirt made for herself, using his character's stripper name from the movie!

When asked by the interviewer if he could come up with a "silly stripper name" on the spot, Joe said, "It's really hard to top Big Dick anything..." He continued, "My mom has a shirt that says 'Big Dick Richie's Mom' that she wears when she goes to Starbucks."

Ha! That's one very cool mom. I'm not sure many parents would be down with their sweet little boys growing up to take their clothes off for money (hey, he got paid for playing a stripper, even if he isn't one professionally), and even fewer would brag about it.

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Joe's mom literally wears the honor with pride on a custom-made shirt. That's pretty spectacular.

And what does Manganiello think of his mom's attitude toward 'Big Dick Richie'?  "You just try and make your parents proud," he said with a smirk.

Would you brag about your son this way?


Image via Norman Ko/Splash News

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