Prince George Throws a Tantrum Outside of Charlotte's Christening

Prince George

You guys, life really is fair. It doesn't matter how much money, fame, or royal blood your family has coursing through their veins -- if you have a 2-year-old, that child is likely going to throw a royal tantrum at the worst time imaginable, paparazzi be damned. Kate Middleton and Prince William found this out the hard way (though I'm sure they already knew it) when Prince George refused to enter the church for Princess Charlotte's christening. Two is gonna do what two is gonna do.


The little princess celebrated her blessed day on Sunday at the church of St. Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham estate in London. The royal couple walked Charlotte to the church in a vintage pram and Will held his little boy's hand as they made their way down the path, which was lined with admirers and members of the media. They looked like the picture-perfect family -- and then, all of a sudden, George suddenly realized he's a toddler and doesn't have to take all of this pomp and circumstance without a fight.

He reportedly refused to enter the church because -- well, seriously, he doesn't need a reason, does he? His reason is that he's 2 and all the attention given to his little sister is probably pretty annoying after a certain point. Or maybe he saw something outside -- an interesting rock, flower, or bug -- and couldn't fathom being taken away from it.

Whatever the reason, Will had to give him a little talkin' to, which sounds like the cutest thing in the world (when it's happening to someone else), and in one photo we can even spot Queen Elizabeth warning her great-grandson to shape up or ship out (I'm totally kidding, I'm sure everyone was lovely to George).

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I'll give George this much -- if this is an example of his toddler tantrum, Kate and Will are luckier than most because he seems to have gotten over it rather quickly. My 15-month-old would have hightailed it out of there and knocked over a few paps along the way. But that's just one of the (many) reasons we'll never be royals.

What do you think about Prince George's tantrum at Princess Charlotte's christening?


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