Ben Affleck Addresses Rumors of Affair With Margot Robbie

ben affleck margo robbie

Now that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have officially split, rumors are swirling about why -- and Ben's recent movie co-star, Margot Robbie, is at the eye of that storm.


Which is somewhat understandable in a knee-jerk way, at least. For starters, just look at her! Margot is gooooorgeous. Jennifer is beautiful too, but new gorgeous seems to grab men far more than I've-seen-you-naked-for-the-best-ten-years gorgeous, right?

Plus, all those late nights at the office Ben and Margot have spent together filming Suicide Squad ... well, you know co-stars can get awfully cozy.

Nonetheless, Ben's peeps have flat-out denied this vicious rumor, saying Margot is totally happy with her longtime boyfriend Tom Ackerley.

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With breakups, people are always looking for that interloper, but many experts say that even in celeb land, breakups don't happen because of infidelity as much as people might think. Instead, couples divorce for far more mundane reasons like they just "grow apart" or feel they have little in common.

So, I say stop looking for an interloper, guys. That's the easy answer. The truth is probably far more complicated and, well, normal than you might think.

Do you think Ben is seeing someone?


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