Prince George's Outfit for Baby Charlotte's Christening Was Identical to One His Dad Wore

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. At his baby sister Charlotte's christening on Sunday, Prince George wore an outfit nearly identical to one worn by dad Prince William 31 years ago while meeting little brother Prince Harry for the first time.


Thanks to the magic of an amazing stylist (and a good head of blond hair), Prince George and Prince William looked amazingly similar when the 2-year-old wore red shorts and a red-and-white smock designed by Rachel Riley, who also created the outfit George wore to pose for an official family portrait with 2-month-old Charlotte last month.

Way back in September 1984, Prince Will wore the exact same color shorts, top, white socks, and black shoes to meet Harry, who was just one day old at the time. Seriously, the only difference between the outfits is the red pattern on the shirts and a few additional white buttons on George's shorts. It's pretty remarkable. George's outfit also draws attention to the fact that he really does look a lot like his dad -- do you agree?

That face!

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Maybe you're wondering how you can get your hands on George's outfit for your own little guy. Well, you're in luck -- if you act now (because you know it's a matter of minutes before Riley sells out) you can purchase George's smocked set for £85 -- or $130.

Now, where can we get an adult version of this same outfit?

What are your thoughts on Prince George's christening outfit?


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