Victoria Beckham & David Beckham Celebrate Anniversary by Being Really, Really Good-Looking (PHOTO)

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Happy 16th anniversary, Victoria and David Beckham! That's right, everybody's favorite Spice Girl (well, she is!) and everybody's favorite soccer pro (well, he is!) tied the knot 16 years ago -- and if that doesn't make you feel old, the pic Victoria tweeted of her very, very grown-up family celebrating the momentous occasion most certainly will.


Warning: This pic will also most likely make you feel under-dressed and altogether under-fabulous (unless you happen to be having a very fancy Sunday afternoon):

Gawd, Beckhams, can you just stop being so freaking beautiful for one dang second?! Would you look at those boys?? (Not to mention their parents!) And little (almost 4 years old) Harper? I seriously can't even. That smile is so insanely cute I feel like my head is going to explode.

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And of course Brooklyn (16), Romeo (12), and Cruz (10) are clearly on their way to being ridiculously handsome men, but that's no surprise. For them to turn out anything BUT ridiculously handsome would have been some crazy genetic misfire. And don't you just love how the boys were required to wear suits and ties for their parents' anniversary? 'Cause that's what you dressed your kids in for your last wedding anniversary, right? Stars: They're NOTHING LIKE US at all!

Seriously, though, this family does seem like one of the most solid celeb clans out there, and that's nothing if not inspiring. Victoria and David's marriage seems super-solid, and that's absolutely worth celebrating in this day and age, celebs or not! I personally can't wait to see what's in store for this brood. Whether or not the Beckham kids go on to make their respective marks in the world of pro sports and/or pop music remains to be seen, of course, but it's safe to say they'll do something pretty cool. With parents like that, how could they not?

What do you think of the Beckhams' beautiful anniversary pic?


Image via Splash News

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