Princess Charlotte's Godparents Aren't Who You Were Expecting

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Just in case you've been hiding under a rock somewhere: Today is Princess Charlotte's christening! A celebratory milestone in many a baby's life, this traditional ceremony is an especially big deal for royals (much like pretty much every other traditional ceremony), and the world at large has been waiting with baited breath to learn all the glorious details: What will her gown look like? Will she cry when they pour the water over her forehead? So many questions! We can't answer them all just yet, but here's what we do know: the identity of Princess Charlotte's godparents!


Kensington Palace has announced that Princess Charlotte's godparents will be ... drumroll, please ... Sophie Carter, James Meade, Adam Middleton, the Honorary Laura Fellowes, and Thomas van Straubenzee. 

I know what you're thinking: Who?! And, why so many?? It's true, most babies get only two godparents, but apparently royal infants need even more backup than the average kid (Prince George has seven godparents!). As for why none of those names look particularly familiar, it's probably because not a single one of Charlotte's godparents is an immediate member of the royal family (notably absent from the list are Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry). What gives?

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Of course it's tempting to speculate that Kate and William consider Pippa and Harry to be too young and carefree to really be able to handle the responsibility that theoretically goes along with being a godparent (neither one of them is a godparent to George, either), but the fact is that some families routinely make a point of not choosing immediate family members as godparents (the thinking is that they're going to be around for the kid's whole life anyway, so you don't have to officially make them part of the family). But who knows? Maybe it's a political thing -- like an alliance of families -- or maybe Kate and William just really, really like all the people on their list and wanted to show how much they care. (Apparently Straubenzee is William's best friend, Fellowes is Princess Diana's niece, Carter is a longtime family friend of the Middletons, and Adam Middleton is Kate's cousin.) Either way, it doesn't really matter, as it's not like Charlotte won't have a pretty enormous support system as she grows up. Now, on to the really important questions ... like that aforementioned gown! Can't wait to see how ridiculously gorgeous it's going to be!

Are you surprised that Pippa and Prince Harry aren't on Princess Charlotte's list of godparents?

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