Ben Affleck Turns to Another Woman for Comfort -- His Mom

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When a marriage falls apart, it's essential to have a support network in place -- so it's only natural that Ben Affleck is reportedly leaning on his mom Christine in the wake of his split from Jennifer Garner, his wife of ten years. Especially considering that Ben's mother is apparently the person he's turned to when past relationships have ended, too -- like his ill-fated affair with Jennifer Lopez. ('Memba that one??)


According to a "source" quoted by People magazine:

"While Jen is turning to her family and friends, the person in Ben's life is his mother. She is a constant rock for him. She had remained close to the family as well. She's been there for him through this extremely difficult time."

The source also said, "He is really leaning on his mother for support. Ben and his mom have always been very close."

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Hmmm, is it just me or does it sort of sound like Ben is losing some of the couple's joint friends in the divorce? I mean, don't get me wrong -- it's great for Ben that he has a strong relationship with his mom (not least because that also means she's most likely an involved grandparent, and awesome grandparents are another essential part of surviving a divorce with children). But this report makes it seem like Jen has more people on her side than Ben ... which wouldn't be a huge surprise, really, considering all of the other rumors swirling about what finally ended the couple's marriage (Ben wasn't supportive of Jen's career, Ben's drinking and gambling were out of control, etc.). Ultimately, though, it doesn't matter why the couple split up -- their kids (Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3) will still need lots and lots of positive interaction with as much family as they can get in the coming months, so the more Grandma in their lives, the better! 

Let's hope Jennifer Garner can maintain a good (or at least halfway decent) relationship with her soon-to-be-ex-mother-in-law in the future, too. (Otherwise dance recitals, soccer games, and birthdays could get pretty tense!)

Do you think Ben Affleck is losing friends in his split from Jennifer Garner?


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