Kourtney Kardashian Sends Scott Disick Strong Messages After Scandal

kourtney kardashianI would not mess with Kourtney Kardashian. The father of her three kids should know better than to be on a supposed guys-only vacation only for photographs of Scott Disick canoodling with ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli to surface. 


I think Scott's in a bit of trouble here. He may have a lot of explaining to do. And if we look at the latest posts on Kourtney's Instagram, it seems she's sending Scott some strong messages.

Message #1: Do not mess with me.

Don't mess.

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Straightforward. To the point.

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Message #2: Don't forget what really matters.

Pajama party!

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The kids, Scott. Your three kids. Mason. Penelope. Reign.

Look, maybe Scott was just hanging out with friends. Maybe the affection shown to Chloe was just a friendly kind of thing -- no biggie. Maybe this is all allowed and accepted in the world of Kourt and Scott. Maybe. Whatever works for them works for them. But I do find Kourt's Instagrams rather eye-raising. Perhaps they are messages for Scott.

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Kourt has stood by Scott through a lot -- and that is definitely a testament to their relationship and bond. No one can truly understand the dynamics of their relationship, and we're not supposed to -- only they do. But even if they have this anything-goes arrangement, the gun-shooting photo with the "Don't mess" caption has me thinking that Kourt's had enough. The sweet photo of her kids' feet should be a reminder to Scott of what really matters, and who really needs him. 

At the same time, every parent deserves a little break and vacation. Though hanging out with an ex shouldn't be a part of that "break."

What do you make of all this? Do you think Scott is up to no good? Do you think Kourt is sending him messages through Instagram?

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