Despite Divorce, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Vacationing Together With the Kids

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner need a new word to describe their divorce. "Conscious uncoupling" was already coined by Gwyneth and Chris, and besides, something about the Affleck/Garner demise seems so much more amicable. Thank goodness! They have three kids together --and not only is he just moving into the guest house instead of another mansion somewhere, but Ben and Jennifer are even going on a family vacation together with the kids ... to their other home in the Bahamas. Talk about a happy ending!


They deserve credit for doing divorce the right way. Divorce is hard for everyone involved. There are so many emotions going on. But Ben and Jen seem to be doing the best they can to make smart decisions -- and decisions that are good for the whole family. Some might think it's a bad idea to vacation with your ex right after announcing a split, but these two need to work a lot of things out. They cannot hate each other -- they have three great kids and made a commitment to co-parent together. That is their priority. They can still have love for each other, but it's different than romantic love, and it's a result of the bond they have because they have children together.

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It's also a smart move to get out of Los Angeles for a little while so they can have some privacy. I'm sure they need to talk to their kids about all that is going on. This quiet time is good for all of them.

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Daughter Violet, who is 9, will be most aware of what's happening and the consequences -- meaning mostly the hounding of the press. Seraphina is 6 and Samuel is 3, so they are a bit younger though a lot still needs to be discussed with them. Their trip to the Bahamas is the best idea. It's also reportedly a very private place, so they can stay out of the spotlight and focus on what's important -- their family.

What do you think of Ben and Jen and the kids vacationing together?


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