Matt Damon's Ponytail Is Everything We Could Hope For (PHOTO)

Hello, Matt Damon's ponytail. It's nice to meet you! Did you catch that? Matt Damon is rocking a ponytail. The usually clean-cut Oscar winner showed off his new 'do on Thursday, during a press event for the film The Great Wall in Beijing, China.


Take a look at these sexy strands, and just try not to imagine running your fingers through those locks:

And you thought he was a badass in the Bourne movies. Nothing says badass like stealing Thor's hairstyle. I bet he could even pick up the hammer if he tried.

The Good Will Hunting star was doing press for The Great Wall, which focuses on the mysterious construction of the the Great Wall of China. The film won't hit U.S. theaters until November 2016, and it is listed on IMDb as "filming."

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So it's possible that Damon's ponytail is for his roll in that movie. Or maybe wife Luciana Barroso dared him to grow his hair longer than hers. Or maybe he's refused to cut his hair until his bestie Ben Affleck makes nice and reconciles with Jennifer Garner. You never know.

Whatever the reason, Matt Damon's ponytail is beyond glorious!

What do you think of this new look?


Images via Splash News & ChinaFotoPress/Contributor/Getty

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