Scott Disick Caught Cuddling Ex While Kourtney Kardashian Is Far, Far Away (PHOTOS)

scott disick chloe bartoli

What the what?! Every other day, there's a new report claiming that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are ovah, but rarely, if ever, have we seen photographic proof of any kind of foul play from either party. But, photos have just surfaced of Disick getting seriously cozy with his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli while on vacation. Not a good look, Scott, not a good look at all. 


While Kourtney was at home in Los Angeles, Scott was spotted hanging out in Monaco, getting way too close for comfort with his swimsuit-clad ex. In the shots, the two are spotted lounging on a chair together; cuddling; and Chloe is even feeding him in one shot! It's one thing to be friends with your ex; it's quite another to act this way when your girlfriend is across the world with your three kids.


Yikes. Scott and Chloe definitely look like they're more than friends here. And, according to a source, "Kourtney is going to freak when she sees the photos. Scott and Chloe flirt all the time. Kourtney does not want her around Scott."

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Kourtney and Scott have always had an unconventional relationship, but I don't think anyone would be happy to see photos like this of their significant other from when they weren't around. Perhaps this really is the end for the couple? Although I find Kourtney and Scott endlessly entertaining on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I've gotta say: It might just be about time. 

Bad move, Scott. 

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 Image via Splash News

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