20 of Kate Middleton's Dresses We'd Love to Steal From Her Closet

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Kate Middleton
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Every little girl dreams of being a princess, but Kate Middleton is living a modern-day fairytale. She's the future Queen of England and just happens to be one of the most elegant women in the world -- not that we're jealous or anything. With a handsome prince by her side, she already has the best accessory there is, but she also possesses an unbelievable closet. Royal events require a top-notch style sense, and Kate has definitely not disappointed her fans with her fashion choices over the years. 


A natural beauty, Kate always looks spectacular. Her style is watched by millions, and she has become a fashion icon in her own right. It's a tough spot to earn -- and to keep. But we have no doubt that Kate won't be giving up her title as a style inspiration anytime soon. 

And let's all remember that Kate is also a mom of three adorable kids. It's hard for any mom to keep up her personal style while trying to take care of the little ones, but the Duchess of Cambridge has to do all of that and still look amazing at her royal events. We don't know how she does it. We expect that she has the help of some awesome royal assistance, but let's be real, Kate Middleton is a true supermom, and will always be inspiration for clothing, life, and pretty much everything else. 

But right now, let's focus on her fashion, more specifically her dresses. Check out Kate's most elegant dresses. Amazing!

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