Kim Kardashian Accused of Putting Her Baby at Risk for the Sake of Her Appearance

Kim Kardashian rarely leaves the house without looking flawless, that we can all agree on. But is the pregnant reality star continuing her regular routine of beauty fillers while carrying baby number two? It should go without saying, but Botox and lip injections (and plastic surgery of any kind) are majorly off-limits while pregnant, but an article out of In Touch Weekly claims Kim is keeping up with her regimen to maintain her perfect image.


A Kardashian insider reportedly told the tabloid that Kim thinks it's A-OK to go ahead with the procedures since she did the same while preggo with North, who turned out happy and healthy.

My take?

No. Flippin'. Way.

I find it really hard to believe Kim would risk the health of her baby just to avoid a few wrinkles and deflated lips. Her overall reputation might be beauty over brains, but give her some credit. She's smart enough to be the face of a bajillion-dollar business and definitely intelligent enough not to put poisons in her body while carrying another human being.

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Kim has a glam squad that can contour, erase, and plump up anything that needs "perfecting," so I'm not buying this story. And, of course, her rep has denied she's had any work done while pregnant.

Do you think Kim is getting fillers and injections while pregnant?

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