Channing Tatum 'Vogues,' Does the Robot & More Like Nobody's Business (VIDEO)

channing tatum dancingDear readers, we are here to help kick off your 4th of July weekend with one of our favorite Americans. This little clip here is going to sweeten your holiday like nothing else: Channing Tatum doing seven dance moves in 30 seconds for Vanity Fair ... and for us. Are you ready?


The only thing wrong with this video is that it's only 30 seconds long. No, actually, two things: only 30 seconds long and Tatum is wearing a shirt. But you know what? I'm not complaining. Let's watch.

I'mma channel your 3-year-old here and say, "AGAIN! AGAIN!"

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Now let's discuss. Did you notice how his robot was holding an iPhone that gave him instructions to do a wiggly kind of squat with a head bobble? That was cute. But the Voguing!

channing tatum voguing

No YOU stop, Channing! I'm kidding. Please keep going.

channing tatum voguing

Biceps. That is all.

channing tatum voguing

A profile that belongs on a Roman coin. Or an American coin. Just a suggestion. 

channing tatum voguing

Aww, our hearts beat for you, too, Channing!

channing tatum voguing

SIGHHHH. When I close my eyes I can almost smell his armpit and it smells like a cocktail of pheromones that are melting my brainzzzzz.

Okay, so I'm calling in sick now so I can go spend the rest of the day watching Magic Mike XXL. Alone. If anyone asks, I'm down with the worst fever, ever. Feel free to use that same excuse if you decide to do the same.

Which is your favorite dance move, and how many times have you re-watched this clip already?


Image via Vanity Fair


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