New Josh Duggar Molestation Victim Makes Us Even More Concerned About Jill & Jessa

Just when we thought the scandal involving Josh Duggar molesting five girls as a young teen in 2002 and 2003 was dying down, it's being dredged up in the news again. According to sources, Josh Duggar's fifth victim is considering her legal options, and may decide to sue the family.


As were learned several weeks ago, Josh Duggar "inappropriately touched" four of his younger sisters, and one underage female babysitter. Jill and Jessa outed themselves as victims, and did an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News about it to set the record straight.

They said that the media spotlight on the issue made them feel a thousand times more victimized than Josh ever did, and that they had both forgiven him and moved on with their lives. But if this other woman is considering a civil suit, we're wondering if there's more to the story than the 19 Kids and Counting stars let on.

According to In Touch magazine, the fifth victim is "preparing to file a civil suit against Josh Duggar." They consulted with legal experts, who told them that "the victim still has the right to sue under Arkansas Code Annotated Section 16-56-130, which allows for a civil action when a sexual abuse victim start to experience the effects of the abuse years later."

Part of me wonders -- why now? Sexual abuse victims notoriously don't care to report crimes against them, because they fear any backlash, or blame themselves, or just plain don't want to confront their abuser. It seems weird that this woman would want to come out now and put her name out there publicly.

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It just makes me wonder if she never really got an opportunity to really examine her feelings about the matter, and maybe even felt pressured at the time to not make a fuss about it. She'd be a grown woman now, and maybe finally dealing with what happened to her. The Duggars claimed all the victims received professional, licensed counseling after the touching, but you never know if she felt coerced to pretend to move on before she was ready.

If there is a civil suit, the Duggars won't be able to invoke the Fifth Amendment, as the criminal statute of limitations has run out. Civil suits are a whole different ball game.

Likely things to be exposed if this goes to trial include the amount of time it took the family to get Josh and the girls counseling, what exactly the safeguards they put in place were, and the names of the church elders who were allegedly aware of Josh's crimes.

It's a messy business, but if there is more to the story than we've been told, Josh's victims deserve justice. 

Do you think there's something the Duggars aren't telling us about Josh's abuse charges?


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