Guide to Surviving Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck's Divorce (GIFs)

ben affleck jennifer garnerSome of us are having a hard time accepting the divorce of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. You, too? Come. Sit down with us. We're having sangrias and ice cream. Together we'll survive the many stages of accepting Jen and Ben's divorce.


First we started hearing marriage trouble rumors. And we were not having it! Why do people hate love so much?

jennifer garner

Then there was that Oscars speech Ben gave ... about marriage being hard work?

marriage is hard work

And we all said, you know what? He's right! Thanks for telling it like it is, Ben! This is a REAL marriage. It is so real in its real realness. Really.

marrage is hard work

But also? We were really feeling Jen's response.

you're a lot of work

Because I'm sure the feeling is mutual! But then we couldn't help noticing that Ben missed Jen's birthday this year ... which also happens to be the anniversary of their getting engaged.

jennifer garner bubblegum

And then the tabloids started blaring headlines that the end was near. Aw gee, a moving truck?!?

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It was like watching a train crash in slow motion! Also, if they were splitting up, why were they still going to the farmers' market together?!?

ben affleck when

Then, D-Day, the day after their 10th wedding anniversary. Jen and Ben announced that it's over. First we were stunned, even though we saw it coming from a long, long way.

jennifer garner

Nooooo!!! Ben and Jen's marriage was just like mine and yours and yours and yours. And if their marriage can fail, even after they've tried so very hard, so could any of ours!!!

jennifer garner

Then we got mad at Ben. Ben! With your gambling trips to Vegas, and the rumors that you're overwhelmed by your own kids, and our habit of conflating you with the last major character you played -- in this case Nick Dunne! Someone has to take the blame for this failed marriage, and we're pinning it on Ben!

ben affleck jennifer garner

But that's not really fair. Ben tried. "He's devastated," a source (probably Matt Damon again) told People magazine. "Nobody intends to go down this path. They both battled, and he really battled to try and save the marriage but ultimately it was the best thing for the kids and for him and Jen."

ben affleck

So fine. We're finally accepting this reality. Ben and Jen are no more. And you know what? It's better this way. We're sure they'll both be much happier ... (SNIFF) someday

jennifer garner 

It's just that, well ...

jennifer garner

Oh never mind.

So farewell, Ben and Jen. We'll miss you in our favorite roles, most relatable Hollywood couple.

jennifer garner ben affleck

From one happily divorced mom to another, welcome to the club, Jennifer! You're going to do great. And to both of you, here's to a better future.

How do you feel about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's divorce?


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