Chrissy Teigen Gives Instagram’s Nudity Policy the Slip

By now, Instagram has a well-earned reputation for being a massive prude. So naturally they were not pleased with Chrissy Teigen's most recent photo of her nipple, and in turn Chrissy Teigen was not pleased that IG didn't like looking at her breasts.


To be fair, the photo Chrissy posted did feature a whole lot of boob. Even though it it came from a W Magazine shoot about called "Privacy Settings," Instagram pulled it down pretty quickly. Her issue seems to be with IG's weird nipple policy, because while they wouldn't allow that full-frontal shot, the one she posted right after was just fine with them:

HAIR @jrugg8

A photo posted by @chrissyteigen on

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After her initial photo was taken down, Chrissy took to Twitter to inform her fans that while it would take some time to position the hairspray bottle exactly right, her boobs would be back.

While Chrissy doesn't often post super-serious stuff, it's kind of hard to see this as anything but a statement. And she's not the first to make it: Scout Willis, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Chelsea Handler all had their nips banned from Instagram. After, they all turned to the #FreeTheNipple campaign in support of their boobs' right to be seen. Of course, whenever we look to Instagram for a response, the site just plugs its ears and sings "la la la la la."

Which is kind of rude.

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Instagram's rules and regulations pretty clearly ban nudity of any kind unless it's art (which we think Chrissy's definitely was, though that's an entirely different argument to be had), and female nipples are listed among banned body parts. It's a double standard, of course, because men's nipples are totally fine. You can yell at me all you want about the sexuality of women's breasts, but I will yell back that men's breasts can be sexual too, so don't even bother because that will get us nowhere.

In April IG finally changed their policy to allow for the "vast majority" of breastfeeding photos to stay up, but before that, more than one mama was shut down for feeding their baby and daring to post about it.

Then there was also the notorious incident of the toddler whose photo was removed for showing her tummy, because that was DEFINITELY way more sexual than, say, this or this or this or this.

Instagram's biggest issue is their inconsistency -- if they want to ban all overtly sexual images, fine. We might not agree with it, but we get it. But what's with the nipple thing? Nudity isn't automatically porn and it shouldn't be treated the same way. The appearance of Chrissy's nipple doesn't make that photo any racier than the one where her nip is juuussttt barely covered.

So what gives, Instagram? Get off our areolas

Do you think Chrissy's photos should have been removed?


Image via chrissyteigen/Instagram

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