Princess Diana's 54th Birthday: Her Most Touching, Unforgettable Moments (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Jul 1, 2015 Celebrities

princess dianaJuly 1st marks the birthday of the late Princess Diana. It's surely a difficult day for the royals, especially Prince William and Prince Harry. Now that Will is a parent, I'm sure he thinks of his mom a lot and recalls how lovely a mother she was to him when caring for his own children. Diana would have been 54-years-old today, and we are looking back at moments of her life in her honor.

The beautiful Diana was a lot like Kate -- they both have that easy smile and timeless beauty. Both seem like very gentle beings -- kind and loving. Check out some of her most precious moments -- her wedding, with her children, greeting others -- all with that wonderful smile that she wore so well.

What photos do you think capture Princess Diana best?

Image via Bettmann/Corbis

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