Kylie Jenner Is So Tiny in New Selfie We Can't Believe Our Eyes (PHOTO)

Kylie Jenner's new home move-in day called for copious amounts of selfies, and while we're marveling at the chic decor of her new digs, we're completely flabbergasted over how tiny the 17-year-old's waist looks in a recently posted pic.


The youngest Jenner was clad in one of her standard crop tops and white jeans as she posed in front of a mirror to snap the pic. Her middle is so slender it's almost nonexistent. And my guess is she's not "sucking it in" like the rest of us mere mortals do when we're about to be photographed. She's just that small.

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

I'm not going to hate, I'm just going to be jealous. (Don't lie. You're green with envy too.)

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Kylie looks great (and like a teenager), but we don't want our girl to completely disappear. Kris Jenner needs to send over some casseroles and brownies STAT. Hey, she might as well indulge while she has youth on her side, right?

Do you think Kylie is shrinking too much?

Image via Jacson/Splash News

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