Caitlyn Jenner Dares to Wear Leopard Print & Totally Owns It (PHOTOS)

caitlyn jenner bodyguard

Hot new clothes alert! Caitlyn Jenner went out shopping in NYC with her sexy bodyguard to the illustrious shop of Patricia Field. She went in wearing one outfit -- this incredible leopard print dress -- and came out wearing another. Both were gorgeous. I can't decide which one was more fabulous.


Cait showed up to the designer's shop wearing something straight out of stepdaughter Kim Kardashian's wardrobe. Probably not the same exact dress, but the leopard print wrap is very similar to one Kim once wore. In fact, I think leopard print is in the Kardashian and Jenner DNA. Caitlyn looks amazing in it. Those legs!

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The Patricia Field store windows were covered up with paper so people couldn't take photos of what was going on inside -- or perhaps they were filming as well. Patricia, who famously designed clothes for Sex and the City, was there too helping outfit Cait. Jenner then left the store wearing this incredible outfit ....

caitlyn jenner

caitlyn jenner

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That form-fitting jacket looks like it was made for her. That sequinned skirt is so fantastic. And check out the adorable clutch with ladies printed on it. So fun, flirty, and feminine.

I think Cait has found her signature style -- and I love it.

What do you think of Cait's clothes?


Image via TJDH Imagez/Splash News; Gachie/Splash News; AR/Splash News

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