Katy Perry’s Dream Is to Live in a Convent, But the Nuns Don’t Want Her There

Right now, Katy Perry is tangled up in a legal dispute with a bunch of nuns, and if there has ever been a celebrity battle better suited for a live fighting ring, please tell me. Because this is amazing.


Why would Katy do this?! 1) Because she's a little crazy and really likes green tea (I'll explain later), and 2) because she wants to move into a convent and the nuns don't want her there. This is something they decided after watching her Superbowl halftime show and then further exploring her "indecency" on Google. 

The thing is, Katy already made a deal with Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez, who agreed to sell her the convent for $14.5 million in cash. But the good Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary already sold the property to a Los Angeles restaurateur named Dana Hollister, who already paid her $15.5 mill and moved her stuff in. 

That, unfortunately, seems to have been an awkward mistake, because everyone's still trying to figure out who can actually (legally) sell the property. And it doesn't look good for the Sisters.

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The Immaculate Heart of Mary sits on top of a hill and overlooks downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains, and Katy's been eyeing the property for years. If she gets it, she's said she'd live there with her mother and grandmother, sip green tea, and "find herself." 

Dana Hollister says she wants something similar, but she also has a history of flipping properties and turning historical sites into VIP party destinations. But she did get the nuns on her side, so either she's genuine about wanting a home in the convent, or lied to a bunch of nuns. 

Katy already has a history of offending the church (a.k.a. her born-again Christian/super conservative pastor dad) and she sashayed away from her gospel music roots with her hit single "I Kissed A Girl" (who could forget?!). Now she's returning to God, just probably not in the way her dad imagined. 

Oh, the irony. Beautiful, beautiful irony.

Do you think it's weird that Katy Perry wants to live in a convent?


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