Kim Kardashian Dresses Her Baby Bump in Oddest Maternity Outfit We've Ever Seen (PHOTO)

While we'd never expect Kim Kardashian to dress her growing baby bump in the same empire-waisted frocks most women wear to stay comfortable while pregnant, her avant-garde airport fashion this week leaves us in awe.


You see, it's not that Kim doesn't look totally chic in her dusty pink unitard, nude Manolos, and luxe Balenciaga coat, because she does -- it's just that she's presumably about to step onto a transatlantic flight from London in a onesie. While pregnant.

Regardless of how great she looks, think of the number of bathroom breaks a pregnant woman needs on a flight that long! And it's not like an airplane bathroom is the roomiest place to shimmy out of a one-piece every 10 minutes. My bladder literally aches just thinking about it.

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If it weren't for the bathroom issue I'd be totally on board with this look. While it's probably super comfy to take a nap in while looking like the daring fashionista Kim is, it's the practicality that concerns me.

(I really hope she was flying private.)

What do you think of Kim's airport look?

Image via Splash News

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