Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Are the Richest Celeb Couple of Them All

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If you had to guess which celeb couple earned the most money this year, odds are your first choice would be ... Bey and Jay, right? After all, Beyoncé and Jay Z have a net worth of approximately 8 kajillion dollars, and they pulled in a combined $110.5 million in 2014. But guess what? There was another famous couple who made even more money -- and nope, it wasn't Kimye, either. It was ... Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris


Yup. Sure, Swift and Harris haven't been together all that long (just a few months), but if you add up their income for 2014 you get ... drumroll please ... $146 million. Not. Too. Shabby. Indeed, that magic number was enough to land them at the very top of Forbes Celebrity 100 list. Coming in at number 2, unsurprisingly, are Beyoncé and Jay Z, while the number 3 spot is occupied by Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton ($57 million). 

So how exactly did 25-year-old Swift and 31-year-old Harris make such an astronomical amount of moolah? Well, besides being a best-selling recording artist, Swift makes major bank from endorsement deals with Diet Coke, Sony, and Keds; big-time DJ Harris, meanwhile, has his own crazy lucrative endorsement deals with Giorgio Armani and Sol Republic headphones. (So clearly the lesson for famous people here is: Endorsement deals are your friend! Your rich, rich, very rich friend.)

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Seriously, though, who woulda thought endorsement deals would propel these two (or anyone) to such stratospheric levels of wealth? Especially when Beyoncé and Jay Z's On the Run tour was the fifth-highest-grossing music tour of 2014? It's just so interesting. Of course, it's important to remember that, as we said, Taylor and Harris are still a pretty new couple, so their "combined" worth isn't officially combined yet. And Swift isn't really known for her long-lasting relationships, so I don't know if it's fair for the world at large to consider the pair's resources to be pooled at this point. But I guess it just comes down to this: Taylor Swift is RICH, and so is her boyfriend, and wow, how about that? They must go on some pretty freaking awesome dates. (On which they wear Keds and Armani, drink Diet Coke, and listen to music on Sony equipment through Sol Republic headphones.) Yay for them!

Are you surprised that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are the wealthiest celeb couple at the moment?


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