Kim Kardashian Shops at Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Lingerie Store

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When thinking of places Kim Kardashian shops for lingerie, one does not dare to think it is the same store as the Queen. As in Queen Elizabeth II. But it is. Kim was spotted shopping at London's posh lingerie shop Rigby & Peller -- the very same store that is a favorite of the Queen's. Which leads me to wonder: Do the Queen and Kim have the same knickers?


Maybe. Maybe the Queen wears some sexy underthings. Because we all know Kim isn't wearing some kind of frumpy panties.

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I'm not sure what I'm more shocked by -- the fact that Kim is shopping where the Queen shops for lingerie or that the Queen shops for lingerie as all. Either way I'm happy for both of them. Wearing sexy underthings is like a fun secret to have under your clothes.

I just sort of creeped myself out thinking about the Queen in a black lace cheeky.

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In case you were wondering (and I know you were), Kim purchased two bras at the famous shop -- one in black and one nude. They were most definitely not nursing bras -- something she doesn't need to worry about just yet. I love that she is still dressing sexy even during her pregnancy. She's staying true to herself. And sharing some underthing fashion sense with the Queen. Hey, the Kardashians are kind of like royalty.

Can you believe Kim and the Queen shop at the same lingerie store?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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