Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Kate Middleton & Prince William Have the Best Tea Party Ever

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It was the tea party to end all tea parties: On Friday, at Kensington Palace, two very, very fabulous people showed up to sip some Earl Grey with two more very, very fabulous people, and can you guess who any of those fabulous people were? Well, they were Kate Middleton (as you probably guessed), Prince William (as you also probably guessed), and ... Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Yup. (Like we said, the tea party to end all tea parties.)


What sort of rarefied occasion would bring these two fairy-tale couples from two very different (but still fairy-tale) worlds together? Apparently the meeting took "months of coordinating," and lasted for hours longer than anticipated. Also apparently Kate, William, and little Prince George were so excited for their playdate with Brangelina that they actually waited outside their home for the Hollywood power couple to arrive!!

No word on what the foursome discussed, but Jolie is in London to attend a lunch at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on Monday (part of her duties as UN Special Envoy). So maybe there was a bit of foreign policy chatter in between bites of scone? Plus, let's not forget that Jolie was made an Honorary Dame Commander (the female equivalent of knighthood) by Queen Elizabeth in 2014. Maybe when you get your official "Dame" card, it comes with the promise of an annual tea party at Kensington Palace? (I mean, it should. Really.)

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Interestingly enough, while the Pitt-Jolie kids were also in London, they didn't attend the get-together. Which I totally understand. I'm not so sure I'd want to risk bringing my brood of six into somebody else's palace. (Can you imagine how many valuable things there are to break in there?!) I think, as a parent, that I'd rather just enjoy the experience without having to worry about my kids trashing the joint. Anyway.

This whole thing sounds like what would happen if Kate, William, Brad, and Angie were dolls and Kensington Palace was a Barbie Dreamhouse-type dollhouse and some little girl was acting out her most royally elaborate celeb fantasy. "More tea, Brad?" "Why, thank you, Kate! And another crumpet, if you please!" "Oh ho ho ho ho!"

What do you think Brad, Angie, Kate, and William talked about over tea?


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