Jimmy Fallon Almost Loses a Finger in Crazy Freak Accident (PHOTO)

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It's hard to imagine Jimmy Fallon with anything but a ridiculously huge grin on his face, but the late-night host couldn't have been smiling too widely early Friday morning when he severely injured his hand in a freak accident at home. Of course everybody's been wondering just how badly Fallon got hurt -- we knew it was bad enough to necessitate a trip to the hospital, and for taping of The Tonight Show to be canceled. But according to the most recent update, the condition of Fallon's finger was even worse than we thought!


Apparently Fallon taped his show Thursday night, stopped for dinner at the Upper East Side restaurant Scalinatella (posing for selfies with a table of female fans before he left), then went home. Sometime early in the morning, he tripped and fell (perhaps as he groggily went to comfort a baby and/or small child?), catching his ring on the edge of a table -- and nearly ripped his finger off in the process! Yikes!! Thankfully he's on the mend, and fully able to tweet:

He followed up with this explanation:

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Well, we're glad to hear Fallon's feeling better. But man, how scary is that? Just one false move and the guy practically loses a finger! Crazy what can happen in the blink of an eye. But we're betting Fallon is a super good patient who probably kept all his doctors and nurses laughing as they stitched him up, and at least all's well that ends well. Just try to be a little more careful in the future, Jimmy. (And maybe take a nap?)

Does Jimmy Fallon's hand injury story scare you?



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