Kim Kardashian Was Afraid Her Divorce Would Ruin Her Career (Really!?)

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Kim Kardashian may be one-half of one of the most profitable marriages in showbiz history now, but it wasn't always so -- in fact, there was a time when the 34-year-old reality star was afraid the failure of her last marriage was going to ruin her career. Wow, really?! We all knew the end of Kim's 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries was traumatic (just Google "Kim Kardashian crying" as proof), but who knew it was that bad??


Not to sound heartless -- of course the end of any relationship is painful. But with the Kardashian entertainment empire being as solid as it is now, it's hard to imagine that Kim ever thought her split from Humphries would somehow derail her success (I mean, let's face it, the guy was definitely the weakest link on Keeping Up with the Kardashians). But apparently she really did go into post-divorce panic mode, according to a recent interview with The Drum:

At the time when I was going through the divorce, I did say to everyone, 'You guys, I think our careers are over. I hope you've saved your money. And now we'll just continue to do our clothing stores and continue to do what we started off doing before the show.' I totally thought it was over.

I was being very paranoid. I just took some time off, and the time was really good for me. I canceled everything. I had a book tour, I had a fragrance launch, I had everything that you could possibly imagine and I just canceled it all and I took time for me.

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Well, sure! That's pretty much exactly what you're supposed to do after something huge and devastating happens in your life. (Even if the dissolution of a 72-day marriage isn't quite so devastating as, say, the dissolution of a 10- or 20-year marriage.) But it must be almost kind of funny at this point for the megastar to look back and think about her concerns, considering her career has only continued to explode since her divorce. The only one who should have been concerned, really, was Kris Humphries, who will forever be known as "Kim Kardashian's ex-husband -- you know, the one with the same name as her mom." Yeah, basketball, yada yada yada ... whatever. Kris Humphries will forever remain a footnote in pop culture history, while Kim Kardashian's chapter only keeps getting longer and longer. So the lesson here, really, is that worrying about the future is totally pointless. Like the great Tom Petty once sang, "Most things I worry about/Never happen anyway." Hey, maybe Tom Petty and Kanye West should collaborate! 
Anyway, here's hoping Kim Kardashian never bothers wasting any time worrying about her career again. 'Cause clearly she's all set!
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