Princess Charlotte Dissed by Popular Actress All Because of Her Name

Poor Princess Charlotte. She's not even two months old yet, and already getting shade thrown at her. It's really her parents' fault though, because if they hadn't named her Charlotte, Sarah Michelle Gellar never would have had an opportunity to dress her 5-year-old daughter up in a snarky (albeit adorable) outfit this week.


This may be a shock, but Prince William and Kate Middleton are not the first parents in the world to name their daughter Charlotte. Five years ago, Gellar and her hubs Freddie Prinze Jr. gave their little bundle the same moniker.

Which leads to this Instagram post from the Cruel Intentions star a couple of days ago:

My daughters outfit for school tomorrow #PrincessCharlotte #PrincessCharlottePrinze

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Does it seem like she's a little bitter that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named their daughter Charlotte? Of course the kiddos have different middle names, at least. Gellar's daughter is Charlotte Grace, while the princess is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

And hey -- their sons have different names too, so clearly this wasn't a total copycat move. Princess Charlotte's big brother is Prince George, while Gellar and Prinze named their son Rocky in 2012. Although it would be pretty awesome to have a Prince Rocky, wouldn't it?

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Anyway, I'm sure that Sarah Michelle isn't the only mom who feels this way. Another friend of mine with a Charlotte was irked when she heard the newest royal's name too. It's bound to happen that another kid in the world will have the same name as yours, but it's different when it's someone as famous as a member of the British monarchy.

Do you think this outfit is cute or snarky?


Image via James Whatling

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