New 'I Am Cait' Sneak Peek Shows Caitlyn Jenner Looking More Glam Than Ever (VIDEO)

caitlyn jenner i am caitTalk about a remarkable second act! Caitlyn Jenner has been nothing but open about her transition, and now she's ready to share even more of her story in the upcoming documentary, 'I Am Cait.' In a sneak peek, it looks like Caitlyn is extremely comfortable in her new life, but has she made any sacrifices to start over? 


No way! The feisty and fearless athlete is even seen enjoying a motorcycle ride, "because girls do that too." Wow, way to go! Take a look:

caitlyn jenner i am cait

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While she's planning to enjoy her old hobbies, Caitlyn is thrilled to explore a series of firsts -- especially shopping. We don't blame her. Look how statuesque and lovely she looks in this peach gown.

caitlyn jenner i am cait

"It's going to be quite a journey," Caitlyn says. How true! Check it out: 


Caitlyn closes out the sneak peek by saying, "We're going to do some good." If this series makes it easier for others to live their lives authentically, then we're sure she's right.

Will you watch I Am Cait?

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