Latest Awful Rumors About Josh Duggar Aren't True -- Thank Goodness

The molestation scandal that hit the Duggar family last month was terrible for all of them, but since Josh was at the center, he took the brunt of it -- he lost his job, his credibility, and the TV show that funded his massive family. So as sad as the suicide rumors were, it wasn't hard to believe that Josh was considering taking his own life. But now sources are saying that there wasn't ever any truth to the suicide rumors at all, and that's a relief.


The Duggars' support for Josh was immediate and complete -- even his victims only have words of forgiveness for him. A source told Hollywood Life that that's what has been getting him through this -- his family and his faith -- and that taking his own life never even crossed his mind.

The way all the Duggars have handled this has been admirable since the beginning -- they owned up to it and have been (somewhat) willing to discuss the incident from the start. They've also always stood up as a family, and never turned their back on the victims or on Josh. 

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We haven't heard much from Josh at all, so it's kind of hard to see where he stands. After his initial apology letter, he went social-media silent until very recently, and nothing he's said since he took to the Internet again has been scandal related. 

So we really have no clues to how he's handling this right now, but it does seem like all of the Duggars are starting to get past it.

Of course, it'll be interesting to see what they do from here ... will they get their show back? Will they continue to push "family values" that they've been backing from the beginning?

It's hard to say, but we're just glad that Josh isn't (and never was) considering suicide and that the girls seem to be okay as well. 

Did you believe the rumors that Josh was considering suicide?


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