16 Times Kate Middleton's Hot Legs Stole the Show (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Jun 29, 2015 Celebrities
16 Times Kate Middleton's Hot Legs Stole the Show (PHOTOS)

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The ever so classy Kate Middleton has an incredible pair of legs on her. It must be said. It must be celebrated. She's beautiful, yes, that's clear. But those legs! While they are sometimes kept secret under long gowns or those skinny jeans she wears, they also get quite a bit of exposure.

And we'll admit we've been watching, noticing how great her stems look in the incredible array of shoes she wears. Perhaps there should be a workout called "Get Kate Middleton's Legs" or maybe she just has great calves from walking around doing her Princess duties all over the world? No matter what, we're inspired ... and envious. Check out these 16 photos of her show stopping gams.

Which look do you think showcases her legs best?

Image via Splash News

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