Kate Middleton Is More 'Normal' Than We Thought, According to Prince George's Clothing Designer

The best-dressed toddler boy in the world -- Prince George, of course, who makes us long for our own navy blue cardigans -- has a little help from a London-based clothing designer named Amaia Arrieta, who has experienced a surge in sales at her shop Amaia Kids since the cutie pie has been photographed wearing her threads. Arrieta has met Kate Middleton and has a lot to say about the Duchess.


Kate visited Arrieta's shop for the first time with her mom, Carole, and pulled one of those adorable celeb moves where she pretended nobody could possibly recognize her. She sweetly revealed that she had just had a baby, felt "lost," and needed help. Who can't relate to that? Arrieta says the princess was "normal and natural" and that they assisted her the way they would any new mom.

Kate must have appreciated the treatment because she is now considered one of the shop's most loyal customers. Arrieta says she usually shops alone and that, even though they bring out one of everything in George's size, she is pretty decisive and knows how she wants him to be dressed. The last time she visited Amaia Kids, she was three weeks away from giving birth to Princess Charlotte. She purchased three cardigans, three shirts, two pairs of shorts, and long socks for her little boy.

Proving she is the best customer ever, Kate has even convinced her sister Pippa and mom to shop at Amaia Kids.

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Since George always looks picture-perfect and, more often than not, coordinates with his mom and dad, I assumed the royals hired a stylist to take control of all of their shopping needs. It's sweet to hear that Kate makes those decisions for her children and that she's a lot like other moms who feel overwhelmed by the choices they have to make for their kids on a daily basis.

If Kate is in fact dressing George all by herself, major props to her for always making him look like a perfect little gentleman.

What are your thoughts on how Kate dresses George? Are you surprised to hear she is so down to earth?


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