Queen Elizabeth May Be Kicked Out of Buckingham Palace Soon

Is there room for Queen Elizabeth at Anmer Hall with Prince William and Kate Middleton? It looks as though the monarch may be looking for a place to stay soon, as she's likely to be booted out of Buckingham Palace for some repairs. Renovations for the palace, that it, not to George and Charlotte's great-grandmother.


Royal officials announced Wednesday that Buckingham Palace is in dire need of repairs, and that even bits of masonry are "falling off." Other repairs include taking out asbestos, replacing aging boilers, and rewiring. Whether or not the queen will have to vacate her home depends on whether the repairs happen all at once, or are done in stages. 

Have no fear though! The queen shall not go homeless, nor will she have to move in with Will and Kate. Former royal press secretary Dickie Arbiter said that the royal family in residence would likely relocate to Windsor Castle west of London.

"It's not the end of the world. Windsor Castle could become a very good base," Arbiter said. "Buckingham Palace needs the work done to it and in order to get the work done properly it needs the incumbents to move out so that they can get on with it."

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The cost of all the repairs is estimated to be around $237 million, but the updates are badly needed, as it's been 60 years since parts of the castle have been refurbished. Arbiter said, "Bits of the building keep falling off, masonry. The boilers haven't been changed in 60 years, which means that energy costs are soaring."

I guess the queen will just have to make do with Windsor Castle for a bit.

Are you surprised that Buckingham Palace is so badly in need of repairs?


Image via B. Cool/Splash News

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