Josh Duggar Risks a Post-Scandal Instagram Post to Celebrate Anna’s Birthday (PHOTO)

duggarsAfter you survive a disaster there's always that moment when you peek out from your shelter and wonder if it's safe to venture out yet. And the lynch pin of the Duggar molestation scandal seems to be making that very move: Last night Josh Duggar posted a photo celebrating his wife Anna's birthday and their anniversary of getting engaged.


Too soon? Josh's look is tentative. Anna bares her teeth, smiling with determination. They could be any ordinary couple sitting at a diner in front of a sundae with a lit candle. But they're not.

"Please love us again," Josh and Anna seem to be saying. "Let's go back to how things used to be!"

I can't say I blame them, but I also can't see Josh Duggar in particular without thinking about his past. No amount of cute couples selfies celebrating special occasions will erase that. There's no going back to the way things used to be. This, the post-scandal life, is the new normal.

You can pray for forgiveness, you can apologize, you can start each day anew. But you can't make the past disappear. It follows us, whether we like it or not. What matters most is that we accept accountability for our actions and learn from them.

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But hey, that's not stopping 44,500 people from liking the photo. So apparently there are still plenty of people supporting Josh. I guess one purpose of the photo has succeeded -- the Duggars get another dose of affirmation.

Do you think the rest of the world -- the non-fans -- will ever forget the Duggar scandal?


Image via Josh Duggar/Instagram

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