Caitlyn Jenner's Kids Gave Her 'Feminine' Father's Day Gifts This Year

Caitlyn Jenner's children don't just admire her — they spoil her. After experiencing the most life-altering year of her life, Jenner celebrated Father's Day with her kids by her side, and she was also given the royal treatment in the form of some pretty amazing gifts that showed they have nothing but an immense amount of respect for her. 


Caitlyn spent the day at her Malibu home with elder sons Burt and Brandon Jenner, as well as Kendall, Kim, Khloe, Kanye West, granddaughter North, daughter-in-law Leah Jenner (who is expecting a baby), and her friend Valerie Pitalo. Big crew — and they brought gifts!

Instead of giving her their usual sports-related Father's Day gifts, Kim, Khloe, and Kendall reportedly presented Caitlyn with dresses, shoes, and accessories. Burt and Brandon did yard work for her so that she wouldn't get her hands dirty — though that immediately made me suspicious because I highly doubt Caitlyn doesn't employ qualified gardeners to maintain her grounds.

I think it's also important to note here that a transgender person can choose to dress in a feminine manner and both love sports and be willing to risk her manicure for the sake of a beautiful garden, but I guess that isn't the point. Caitlyn's kids obviously know what she wants better than anyone else and they showed their respect for her on Father's Day.

Earlier that day, her kids tweeted sweet messages about how Caitlyn will always be their dad and how her soul has remained the same, even if her appearance has drastically changed — the best gift of all for her must be knowing she helped raise such tolerant, loving children. 

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Say what you will about some of the wacky things they do, few can deny this family sticks together and that their acceptance of Caitlyn's decision to live her life as a woman has been exemplary. Can you believe it's almost a month since she made her Vanity Fair debut as "Caitlyn?"

What do you think about Caitlyn Jenner's Father's Day gifts?


Image via caitlynjenner/Instagram

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