Kylie Jenner Finally Addresses Those Breast Implant Rumors

Kylie Jenner cannot escape plastic surgery allegations. Okay, so maybe she did have those lip injections after all, but the 17-year-old firmly denies the latest accusations insisting that she has breast implants.


In fact, during a recent Snapchat, she not only rejected the rumors, she also revealed the secret to her ample upper half -- tape!

She said, "Whoever thinks I have breast implants, there's a whole lot of tape in here holding these up."

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Okay, I'm not so old that tape wasn't around when I was a teen -- why didn't I ever think of that? And why, oh why, have I spent so much money at Victoria's Secret over the years on bras that lift and add cup sizes? This kid is genius.

Kylie even went so far as to show off some of the adhesive during the Snapchat to prove she isn't lying. (Can't argue with the evidence, people!)

Naysayers also have to remember, she's teeny-tiny in size, so any boobs at all are going to look big in comparison to the rest of her body. Give the girl a break already!

Do you think Kylie really has implants?

Image via Brian Prahl/Splash News

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