Josh & Anna Duggar Speak Publicly For The First Time Since Scandal (VIDEO)

Josh and Anna Duggar have been riding out this scandal thing with their heads ducked really far down (understandably) but they're starting to peek up again -- the two recorded a Father's Day message for Jim Bob and seemed ... just fine.


Fourteen of the 19 kids recorded quick, minute-long thank yous to Jim Bob, but it was kind of a surprise to see Josh in there, considering how quiet he's been lately. Even more shockingly, he kinda sorta alludes to this whole giant scandal thing:

Alright, so when we said he alluded to the scandal, we're talking about that part where Josh thanks Jim Bob for being there during "the hard times." No, it's not much. But is it more than we expected? SURE IS.

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Josh also posted on Instagram for Father's Day, and even though we're way more interested in the video, here's the post anyways:

So does this mean that Josh and Anna are back for good? If they're behind the camera again, that could mean they're back for 19 Kids and Counting, which would be pretty huge. 

Or are they just taking the opportunity to get some positive PR in? The Duggars have attacked this whole thing as a family unit, instead of splitting off and demonizing Josh. Maybe this is just their way of making sure we all know that they still like each other despite who may or may not have touched whom?

Either way, it does seem like they're well on their way to forgetting that this whole thing ever happened in the first place.

Do you think 19 Kids is coming back?


Image via joshduggar/Instagram

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