Kate Middleton Is Overwhelmed With 2 Small Kids but Who Can Blame Her?

Proof that it doesn't matter who you are -- duchess, the woman next door -- having two children is like having 20 children. Kate Middleton is reportedly exhausted and experiencing the same joy as millions of mothers around the world, as she realizes being mom to both toddler Prince George and baby Charlotte is zapping her of all her energy. What's a princess to do?


Kate is reportedly experiencing the "baby blues," which lots of moms battle after they give birth and realize that, although having a family is one of the greatest things in life, jeez, does it take a lot out of you. In her case, 22-month-old George -- like many toddlers (and especially little boys) -- desperately wants to be involved in every aspect of caring for Charlotte, who is barely two months old. In addition to wanting to help out with his new baby sister, George also wants his mom all to himself, and it sounds like he might be a bit envious of all the attention Charlotte is getting.

When Kate first gave birth, her mom Carole was a huge presence in their family's daily life. She temporarily moved to Anmer Hall, the royals' country estate, and helped cook for Kate and look after George and Charlotte. But Carole has left Anmer Hall and reportedly believes Kate needs to settle into her own routine. That isn't to say she isn't keen on helping her out -- she still cooks her healthy meals and pops in on occasion -- and those close to Kate say she has the power to help pull her daughter out of this funk.

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It's tough to adjust to life with a new baby when you also have a toddler whose needs are almost greater at times than those of your infant. George doesn't just require meals, affection, and naps -- he needs that and then some, including someone to look after him as he runs around the house and attempts to break every vase and plate in sight. Sometimes it helps to hire a mother's helper -- someone who can come in for a few hours a day and simply play with George while Mom takes care of the new baby.

Notice how I didn't write: while Mom naps. As the mother of two small children, I laugh every time someone even suggests such a thing.

Kate will get through this with the help of her loving family. It's just temporary insanity, but it will fly by (or so I'm told).

What tips would you give Kate on how to handle two small children?


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