Kylie Jenner Drops the F-Bomb to Tell Off Rude Fan -- It's Totally Epic (VIDEO)

Surprise, surprise ... Kylie Jenner's lips are in the news again. But this time it's not for their plumpness, but rather for the colorful words that came out of them over the weekend. You guys?


Kylie dropped a big fat f-bomb when an overzealous tool bag decided to try playing paparazzi after spotting her out and about during a shopping trip. He got right up in her face and uttered the following despicable and grammatically incorrect words repeatedly: "What that mouth do?"

To make things even worse, he called her Kendall. Check it out.

“Get the fuck out of my face” - @kyliejenner #gokylie #whyareyoustandingsoclose #sodisrespectful #iloveherresponse

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Well, he got his answer -- that mouth quietly told him to get the f--- out of her face, using a way more polite tone than he deserved.

Who does this jerk think he is? Good for Kylie for using my favorite four-letter word to tell him where to go. Can you really blame her?

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This guy's behavior is baffling to me. What sort of gratification comes from harassing a teenage girl? Do you feel all big and bad after this encounter? Did you go home and tell all of your friends about it? Congratulations -- they probably think you're a loser.

Are you proud of Kylie?


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