Jill Duggar's Father's Day Photo Reveals Her True Feelings About Her Dad (PHOTO)

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's parenting skills have been under some serious fire as of late, but that doesn't mean their kids aren't still appreciative of the way they were raised overall. Case in point: Jill Duggar Dillard, who posted a super cute pic of Jim Bob and baby grandson Israel on Instagram for Father's Day. 


After wishing her dad a happy day in the caption, Jill thanked Jim Bob for setting a "great example." She then went on to quote the bible (a passage from Deuteronomy about parenting) and Billy Graham's thoughts on the importance of good fathers:

Sweet pic, right? And clearly Jill isn't holding any ill will towards her father for the way he handled the Josh molestation situation (Jill and Jessa, as you undoubtedly already know, came forward as two of their brother's victims). Or, if she is upset with her father, she's definitely trying to work through it (or not make a big deal about it to the world at large, at least). Sure, it's tempting to roll our eyes at the positive parenting traits attributed to Jim Bob in this post, considering the (justified) criticisms that have been leveled at the reality TV patriarch recently. But we don't need Jill (or any of the other kids) to publicly bash their parents to satisfy our own righteous indignation, do we? Their everyday reality is certainly enough of a challenge to deal with at this point.

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And Jill wasn't the only kid to publicly wish Jim Bob a happy Father's Day -- other members of the family (including Josh) recorded video greetings and posted them on the Duggar website. So even if it's seemed as if the clan is coming apart at the seams, the Duggars are obviously making a huge effort to make loyalty a priority and present a united front -- which is what all families should endeavor to do in a crisis. Here's hoping that this is the last troubled Father's Day for the Duggars!

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Image via Duggar Family Official/Facebook

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