Jessa & Jill Duggar Prove They're Moving On With First Post-Scandal Public Appearance (PHOTOS)

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After being involved in a scandal like the Josh Duggar disaster -- and going on TV to rehash the whole horrifying affair -- one might have expected Jill and Jessa Duggar to take their families and spend the next six months on some sort of "no media access" retreat. Instead, the sisters are taking their families out for some rockin' live music (Christian, of course). 


For their first public appearance following the post-scandal TV interview, Jill and Jessa and their families went to the ALIVE Christian music festival in Mineral City, Ohio, where pregnant Jessa took plenty of shots for Instagram:

#IsraelDavidDillard This kid is the cutest! â�¤ï¸ï¿½ Headed to the ALIVE festival this afternoon!

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Well, I gotta say, everybody in these pics looks like they're having a great time -- and I hope that's true. Jessa and Jill definitely deserve to have some fun after everything they've been through. And it's impressive that they're making a public attempt to just move on with their lives as if nothing ever happened.

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Not only did they have to survive the initial traumatic abuse, they had -- and have -- to survive the resulting media scrutiny. So, like I said, it would be understandable if they just went away and hid out somewhere for awhile, but they're not. That takes some strength! Let's hope they can continue to put their suffering behind them.

Are you surprised to see Jill and Jessa Duggar out and about?


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