Snooki Does Shocking Thing to Make Sure Her Friends Have the Best Wedding Ever (PHOTOS)

snookiLet's say you had to pick a reality TV star to officiate your wedding. Who would it be? Definitely not a Duggar, and probably not a Sister Wife. A Teen Mom? Naaaaah. A Kardashian would be the obvious way to go (personally, I'd probably pick Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo), but for hairdressers Luis Miller and Bradley Moreland, the choice was clear: Snooki.


Miller and Moreland are friends with the 27-year-old mom of two and former star of Jersey Shore, who actually got ordained earlier this year just so she'd be able to legally and officially tie the knot for the adorable same-sex pair. Just look at this pic of Snooki and one of the grooms from Instagram:

#Repost @misterp79 ��� STOP ! We are so fancy !! #icant @snookinic #bradiswedding2015

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Too cute!! She also shared her big news with this tweet:

A "dope reverend," indeed! I just can't get over the fact that Snooki, a busy mother with two little kids, went to all the trouble of getting ordained just so she could perform her friends' wedding. What a good pal! And it seems like the wedding was a total blast -- a huge, lavish affair just in time for Pride Month. Plus, Snooki looked amazing:

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Yeah, that looks like a party all right! I mean, we all know the Snooki of today is a far cry from the wild child she once was, but the girl still knows how to have a good time. Lucky for her newlywed friends!

Do you think Snooki would make a good wedding officiant?


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