Taylor Swift Announces Pregnancy ... for Another Couple (PHOTOS)

taylor swiftIt seems to be that Taylor Swift is one of the sweetest people on Earth. Though Katy Perry might have different feelings. And if you feel like Katy, this right here might change your mind. Taylor helped two fans announce their pregnancy to the world. Jesse and Lindsey Rasmussen were able to met Taylor and they took some incredible photos together with their ultrasound noting it was baby's first concert. 


Jesse and Lindsey were able to meet Taylor during a meet and greet. They had their ultrasound and the sign, but were worried about how Swift would react. But dad-to-be Jesse said this of Taylor:

Then she walked into the room and just started hugging people. That was the cool thing. She didn't just sort of shake your hand and say hi. She comes up and hugs you and thanks you first.

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Oh Taylor. Everything is heart bubbles and love with her, isn't it? (I'm such a fan!) Jesse went on:

I just kind of blurted it out. 'Hey we're having a baby! Can you help us tell everyone?' She seemed so surprised and touched by the request. There wasn't a hint of hesitation. She thought it was so cool!


How sweet and cool and awesome is that?!

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The Rasmussens said that Tay is really sweet and genuine -- and they hope that when their little bundle of joy is born, he or she can meet Taylor in person. I bet the star would be down with that. The sugary sweetness doesn't end here. Tay went and outdid herself and sent the couple a thank you note with more congratulatory messages. LOOK!

Huge congrats to the Rasmussens! And Taylor, you are a class act!

What do you think of Taylor's willingness to help this couple announce their pregnancy? And that thank you note -- super cool, right?


Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram

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