Rob Kardashian Went Out for Fast Food -- So What!?

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Can a bro go to In-N-Out Burger in peace?! Not if the "bro" in question is Rob Kardashian, apparently: The 28-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is making headlines for hitting up the fast food joint with a couple of his buddies, chowing down on burgers in his white Range Rover just before midnight on Wednesday. Why is this late night snack news, you ask? (Besides the part about it involving a Kardashian?)


Well, for a couple of reasons: 1. Rob is rarely spotted in public, and 2. Rob is rarely spotted in public because he's super embarrassed about putting on a bunch of weight over the past couple of years, presumably from making too many late night stops at places like In-N-Out Burger. So of course everybody's all like, "Oh look, it's Rob Kardashian, and he's still chubby, and he's STILL eating fast food! Will he never learn??"

Which, come on -- is pretty mean. And unfair. First of all, just because he stopped for a couple of burgers one night doesn't mean he's not trying to take better care of himself overall. We don't know what Rob is eating on a daily basis or what sort of efforts he might be making to get in shape. Second of all, part of the reason why Rob overeats in the first place is because he struggles with depression (then he gets more depressed because he put on more weight, so he eats more -- it's a vicious cycle many people are all too familiar with). So is body-shaming the poor guy for breaking down and scarfing some fries really going to help? 

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It's just sort of heartbreaking, because Rob is clearly really sensitive about his appearance (don't forget, he actually skipped Kim and Kanye's unbelievably extravagant and probably crazy fun wedding just because he was ashamed of how he looked). Watch him talking about his weight gain here:

Awwww, poor guy. Let's hope that Rob figures out a way to get healthy and stay healthy, soon -- and that he learns to love and accept himself at any weight, no matter what.

Do you think the Rob Kardashian body-shaming needs to stop?


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