Josh Duggar Skips Out On His First Scheduled Post-Scandal Appearance

The Duggar family is  slowly crawling back from the major molestation scandal that hit them at the end of May -- after a week or two of silence, they started posting on social media again, and now (after a full month) the oldest Duggar children are scheduled to make their first public appearance ... with one notable exception.


Jill and Derick Dillard and Jessa and Ben Seewald are en route to the ALIVE Christian music festival, where they're scheduled to speak on the main stage Saturday. Josh and Anna were supposed to be there with them, but they're noticeably absent in Jessa's most recent Instagram photo:

The six of them (plus 2-month-old Israel) were supposed to answer questions at an informal Q&A, sign autographs, and "share" from the main stage on Saturday night. It looks like they're down to four now, but the fans will still probably be excited, right?

It's hard to say what the focus of all of this is going to be -- the crowd might let them off easy and pretend this whole scandal didn't happen, but let's be real -- probably not. So maybe that's why Josh is ditching?

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It's understandable that he might not feel totally welcome in public settings right now, but it'd be interesting to know if he's the one who's bailing or if the festival asked him not to come. That'd be an awk conversation have.

Then again, maybe it would just be better for Josh to get it over with and get out there again. It's probably not going to be pleasant the first few times, but the crowd at a Christian music festival is probably going to be the nicest he's going to get.

ALIVE is in Ohio and runs from Friday to Sunday, so we'll find out soon enough.

Do you think Josh and Anna are going to show up at the festival?


Image via joshduggar/Instagram

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