Another Duggar Wedding May Be Just Around the Corner

Oh my gosh, with everything going on in the media with Josh Duggar recently, it's easy to forget that he has 18 brothers and sisters who are just trying to live their lives. And one of them is courting, and according to a Duggar family blog post, we should expect an engagement soon!


On the official Duggar blog, the family wrote, "For those of you who have been waiting for an update on Josiah Duggar's courtship with Marjorie Jackson, we have one to share. Their relationship is progressing well, and they are enjoying every chance they have to spend with each other."

The post concluded with, "And who knows? There might be another Duggar wedding in the not-so-distant future."

Ack! Can you even believe it? We've been so busy with Jill and Jessas' weddings, that it didn't even occur to us that another Duggar would be heading down the aisle soon!

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And yeah, of course Josh Duggar has been dominating the headlines recently, but I'm glad to see Josiah and Marjorie take center-stage right now. They may be young, but the fact that they're willing to go public in the midst of Josh's scandal just shows that they likely have what it takes for their relationship to survive.

Do you think Josiah and Marjorie will get married?


Image via Josiah Duggar/Instagram

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